Spirit of the Horse Book A Celebration in Fact and Fable by William Shatner

From his first time riding as a child, William Shatner has felt a deep love for horses. Whether seated in the saddle, communicating with them, or simply appreciating their beauty, his bond with these majestic animals is deep. For decades he has sought to share his joy—with children, veterans, those with disabilities, and many more—through his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show. And here, he brings that same joy to his fans and readers.
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Hollywood Charity Horse Show Gifting Ceremony

Contact: Cherry Hepburn: 818.783.4071 Cell: 818.471.7079 *FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE * WILLIAM SHATNER & WELLS FARGO HOST BREAKFAST GIFTING CEREMONY AWARDING FUNDS FROM 2016 PRICELINE.COM HOLLYWOOD CHARITY HORSE SHOW SPONSORED BY WELLS FARGO   Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 at 8:00 AMActor & philanthropist William Shatner will disburse funds to the charitable organizations that benefit from the annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show.   STUDIO CITY, CA – JANUARY 18, 2017 – William Shatner, actor and philanthropists, formally announced today that he and David DiCristofaro, Wells Fargo …

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