William Shatner Cautions “Short Sale: There Goes The Neighborhood” Movie Investors

I have been contacted by investors who are being solicited by a company named Intercept films to invest in a movie called: Short Sale: There Goes the Neighborhood. The company’s claim is that I am involved in this project. They have a website and a video on YouTube making this claim. I have never heard of this company nor am I involved in any way with this company or production. My best, Bill

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The Captains Close Up Press Release

    *****For Immediate Release*****   EPIX ANNOUNCES THE PREMIERE OF WILLIAM SHATNER’S NEW STAR TREK THEMED MINI-SERIES, THE CAPTAINS CLOSE UP ON MAY 16TH AS PART OF EPIX’ “TREKKIE FEST”   LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 13, 2013 — Premium network EPIX has announced the premiere of William Shatner’s new Star Trek themed mini-series, The Captains Close Up on May 16th.  The premiere is part of EPIX’ “Trekkie Fest,” an entire night of programming related to Paramount’s latest Star Trek Into Darkness, opening on May …

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