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Please note that Mr. Shatner gets more than 100,000 requests for his autograph each year. As he has very little spare time in his schedule, priority is given to charities. Charities must make requests on charity letterhead showing 501c3 or Registered Charity status only. We do not provide autographed photos for individuals fundraising on behalf of an organization. Please make your requests at least 6 months in advance.

We DO NOT offer a signing service. Mr. Shatner’s philosophy is the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This means that if Mr. Shatner would offer a signing service for one fan; he would have to do it for ALL fans. He just does not have the free time in his schedule to do this.

Please do not send items to be signed as they will NOT be returned.
Please DO NOT write us asking for items to be signed – we DO NOT make exceptions.


Please do not send unsolicited ideas or manuscripts to us via mail or email. The proper way to bring an idea or script to Mr. Shatner’s attention is to get your Agent to contact Mr. Shatner’s Agent. Using the Agent system protects both yourself and Mr. Shatner. Any unsolicited pieces received will be deleted or discarded without any further notice.


We do understand that with Smart Devices that making quick videos is easy but Mr. Shatner is an acting professional and his trade is based on his appearance on camera. As such, he does not do selfies or device videos on request. It’s the same policy as his signing policy: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. For him to do a video to wish someone an anniversary, birthday, Eagle Scout Court of Honor congratulations, etc.; he would have to do one for all requests. The amount of time required from his busy schedule would impact his Production commitments. So we take the same stance: we DO NOT accept requests for personalized videos or sending cards or letters of congratulations.

Please understand that while it may seem like a small 5 minute commitment, ten thousand requests a year for a ‘five minute video’ results in over 833 hours which, based on a 40 hour work week, is over 20 weeks worth of work per year or 5 months just to handle the video requests. So it’s not a small task in the least.

Thank you.

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Mr. Shatner does read your fan mail. While he doesn’t have time to time to answer each and every note received; he does take random, general letters that come in and answers them on his Twitter account. Please note that his mail is scanned by a team before it is put into his fan mail basket. Any mail considered to be “inappropriate” will be discarded immediately before Mr. Shatner ever sees it.

You can find his replies under the #BillsFanmail hashtag on Twitter.


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