What is Shatoetry?

Hi Becky from Shatner HQ giving everyone an update,

This development has just come through the wire. We have been wondering what caused this major disturbance earlier at the William Shatner Global Headquarters and it appears now, with the help of our fans more details are coming to the surface. What we know now is that the source of the event has a name, SHATOETRY. Bill has asked his fans to help pitch in and build the understanding of what Shatoetry is.

Click on Video To Watch

Please, help us by Tweeting your guess with the hashtag #Shatoetry. You can tweet your #Shatoetry is… @WilliamShatner and @Shatoetry

Fans of Shatner and Shatoetry are beginning to congregate and share ideas here: www.facebook.com/Shatoetry

Thank You
– Becky, Intern @ Shatner HQ