Bonding In Nimmo Bay

In the October 11th episode of Boston Legal, Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore (James Spader) travel to a remote, exotic Canadian fishing resort called Nimmo Bay in British Columbia. It’s a perfect setting for some bonding between the characters and provides a diversion for Alan Shore who is reeling over his break up with Tara Wilson (Rhona Mitra).

Above, William Shatner and James Spader in the episode entitled “Finding Nimmo” shot o­n location in Nimmo Bay. Photo courtesy of Nimmo Bay.

Normally, an hour long weekly drama cannot afford to go o­n location for an episode (let alone out of the country) but this particular show was shot at the end of last season, right before the company broke for summer hiatus. Timing is everything. Approximately 18 members of the film crew accompanied William Shatner and James Spader to this remote location in early April 2005 to shoot them against the backdrop of this gorgeous wilderness.

The fishing camp was “anchored in a river with no footprint in the forest itself,”? said William Shatner. Photo courtesy of Nimmo Bay.

Getting to Nimmo Bay wasn't exactly easy. The cast and crew took a commercial airline flight to Vancouver, then boarded a chartered flight to Port Hardy and finally hopped o­n a helicopter for the final 20-minute flight to Nimmo Bay.

Above, William Shatner poses with Nimmo Bay Resort owner Craig Murray who prides himself o­n ensuring that his resort exceeds his guests' expectations. Photo courtesy of Nimmo Bay.

“Finding Nimmo” provides Denny Crane and Alan Shore the opportunity to spend some quality time together, and it makes for some comical and endearing scenes between the characters. Alan agrees to go to Canada at Denny's urging, “Listen, the o­nly place to connect is in the woods and fishing. You've got to go fishing.” They trade law books for fishing poles, sitting o­n the terrace for lounging o­n a deck, and the crowded Boston skyline for the secluded, peaceful wilderness. Despite a fishing competition that threatens their friendship, the trip brings them together. But it's not all fun and games. While in Nimmo Bay, they discover that the fresh water salmon are being threatened by sea lice from local salmon fish farms and they feel compelled to act.

ABC has posted a preview of the episode o­n their website. Click here to go there directly. If you're considering a trip to Nimmo Bay and would like more information, visit the Nimmo Bay Resort website. “It was o­ne of the most wildly beautiful places I've ever been,” said William Shatner.

Contributed by Jane Singer and Sandy Moruzzi